Blue Shorts: The Rap 

We made this video with our friends Othello and Blue Shorts of 106.7 The Fan. They’re up-and-coming radio personalities and at one point had their very own show called The C&O Show on 106.7. Since then, Othello has moved on to LA and Blue Shorts has started forging his way forward solo here in DC. 

This video marks their last hurrah for now as a duo.

This video is not safe for children and those sensitive to crude humor.
The views of this video are not necessarily our own, we just produced the video to follow the vision of the creators.

That said, it’s pretty funny… 

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Richard Humphrey Tribute Video

Back in 2011 we began a short-documentary project with our friend Saletta Coleman (GetYourSk8On Entertainment), taking a look at the roller skating lifestyle.
Richard Humphrey, a veritable icon in the roller skating industry, is one of the main focuses in our film (which is currently in production). He has been a force in the roller skating world for decades, teaching and innovating in the form of roller skate dancing, coining his own term “rollerdance”.  

This year, he was honored by the Adrenalin Awards Royal Court and was inducted into their hall of fame.

Saletta approached us a few weeks ago telling us about this and we knew that we had to use some of our footage from the documentary to put together a tribute video to Rich for the awards show.  

Butterfly (Experimental Video Project with Photographer Vincent Ricardel and Roche Salon) This project was a lot of fun. Ian’s dad, Dennis Roche (owner and hairdresser at Roche Salon) and big time photographer Vincent Ricardel were collaborating on a photo shoot project for the NAHA 2012 hair competition. At the last minute, they came up with the idea of asking us to produce a video with the same theme, to compliment the photographs. This kind of project is pretty far outside of the stuff we do usually, so of course we jumped right on it! Credits: Produced by: Ian Roche, Vincent Ricardel, and Bradley W. Johnson The Butterfly: Monica Waxler Director: Vincent Ricardel Director of Photography: Ian Roche Film Editor: Bradley W. Johnson Camera Operators: Ian Roche & Bradley W. Johnson Art Direction: Bradley W. Johnson, Ian Roche, Vincent Ricardel Still Photography: Vincent Ricardel Body Artist: Margaret Finch Fashion Stylist: Stella Bonds Hair Stylist: Dennis Roche Make up: Jamie Johnston Music: Michael Santiago Gaffer: Vincent Ricardel Grips: Stephanie Bragg Rodney Rice Travis Vaughn Graziella Veneziani Special Thanks To: Chris Alvanas Karima Evans CDIA Dynalite, Inc And to David Campbell for his extraordinary behind the scenes video

Marky - Riding Low Marky has been a client of ours for a little while now. This was actually one of our first projects together, even though it was only recently released. When we sat down together, this was one of the songs we listened to and we both just felt like the video had to be EPIC. So we turned it into a mini-movie… Believe it or not, the production budget for this video was pretty low. It took 3 days and about $100 in materials. Everything else was ingenuity and hard work.